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IC Contact Post

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Permissions Post

Backtagging: By all means, yeeeeeesssssssss. Please don't hesitate to, if you want to.

Threadhopping: Go for it! Unless it's a locked thread, in which case probably not the best idea. Common sense!

Bending, breaking, or otherwise shattering the fourth wall: Yes, but again, common sense. Smallish things need no permission, but I'd rather not break his brain too soon into the game. Ask if you're uncertain.

Hugging/Kissing/Otherwise being touchy-feely: Yes, yes, and yes, but if you don't have his permission prepare for him to react accordingly.

Fighting/Injuring/Killing: By all means, fight! If you're going to injure, I'm probably okay with it as long as there's time to get him to medbay afterward. Nothing fatal, please.

Other: Use common sense. If it's godmodding, please don't do it. If you think you need to ask first, just ask. I'm pretty flexible.

[Concrit Post]

Here is the place to leave comments/questions/constructive criticism regarding the way I play Scotty. After all, if there's a problem, I'd like to know so I can fix it!

I also accept showers of love and praise. ;)
As soon as he had a moment, Scotty - with his younger self in tow - nipped down to the transporter room to send his younger self off to Cardiff. And he was just grateful that he did have somewhere to send the kid, because otherwise he'd be stuck having to listen to complaints about not being allowed down to see the engine room all day. At least he was fairly certain the kid wouldn't be able to get himself in too much trouble in Cardiff. Might drive Jack and Ianto crazy with his attitude, which Scotty would have to make up to them later, but it was far better than risking the kid getting in an accident down in the engine room.

A couple minutes later, a tiny teenaged Scotty materialized in the tourist office at the Hub, and immediately started looking for things to poke around in.

[ddd] [Private message to 11-12]

Reeve tells me you're having some trouble getting off-world.


[RL Jack] backdated to the 15th

[continued from this conversation]

Ten minutes, he'd said, and a little less than that he was beaming down into the Hub, just as he had about a week before - only this time for a very different reason. He didn't know what to make of the revelation that Jack was immortal, was going to live forever. But that wasn't what was important right now. There'd be time later to sort through that, to try coming to terms with what that meant. It wasn't that information that had spurred the decision to come down.

It was that Jack had been through so much worse than Scotty could even possibly imagine, and he'd had no idea what to say - and felt that this particular conversation was one better had in person, face-to-face. The silences wouldn't be so awkward then, when he didn't know what to say, because he'd be there, be able to hold onto Jack, to let him know that he was there even when words failed him.

[RL Jack] backdated to the 9th

He'd put it off long enough. The longer he waited to go apologize to Jack, the harder it would be, and the less he'd want to go do it. All he could do, really, was bite the bullet, get it over with, and just hope that he hadn't completely bollocksed everything up. He sat for a while, though, in his quarters, his PADD in hand, just staring at the blank screen. He wanted to let Jack know he was planning on stopping by, but....

But nothing. He had to do this. A few minutes of just sitting there, and he typed something up, and sent if off before he had a chance to change his mind.

Hey. I was wondering if maybe you have a few minutes. Wanted to stop by and talk.

[RL Jack & Ianto]

It had been, Scotty realized, as he busied himself with packing up the now-finished phasers he'd promised to build for Torchwood, quite a while since he'd last talked to Jack. That was nothing new, of course - the two of them tended to go for stretches at a time without checking in on each other. And that was his first mistake - he ought to have called ahead, to let Jack know he was coming down to the Hub, but since it had been a while, Scotty thought he might just sort of pop in. Surprise Jack. There was of course the risk that maybe there'd be something going on with the Rift when he beamed down, but he figured that surprising Jack was more than worth it.

So with his shift over, and him freshly showered and dressed down out of his uniform and carrying a case with several non-regulation phasers he made his way to the transporter room and beamed down into the tourist office section of the Hub - the coordinates of which he had by now memorized.


[[Following this conversation]]

Two hours wasn't really a very long time to wait, though the paperwork Scotty had to do in the meantime made it feel like much longer. In all honesty he probably could have gotten away with putting it off, but this way at least he knew it would be done. And for once, he didn't try to stay a little late when those two hours were up - he'd been told to keep taking it easy, for one thing, and for another, he had a visit from Jack to look forward to.

The minute those two hours were up, he sent a message to the other man, asking if he was ready to be beamed aboard the Enterprise.


[Scotty's in his quarters, sitting in bed, his left arm all bandaged up, and he looks a little spacey. Small wonder, considering the painkillers he's on because he's a total baby when it comes to being hurt. He's finally convinced Jack that he really really needs to let everyone know he's alright, although he's definitely looking like he could use some more rest.]

Um. M'alright. [He pauses, having lost his train of thought.] Um. So if you saw th'thing. M'alive.

[Alive and so very heavily medicated.]


Scotty wasn't exactly sure what had happened. He was still somewhat in a state of shock, and he knew that he should head up to Medical and get his arm taken care of, but first things first - he had to make sure his crew was alright. It probably should have worried him that he couldn't quite feel his arm, but there were more important things to worry about. Roping off the area of the blast, for one, and organizing a clean-up crew. Making sure that no one else was seriously injured. Luckily, it looked like he was the only who'd got hit with any shrapnel; everyone else who'd been standing in range seemed to have suffered only minor abrasions.


By all rights, Scotty probably shouldn't have been inviting Miss Kaylee over for a tour of the Enterprise. And he did feel a bit guilty about doing it; they were supposed to ask Jim if they could bring people over, but Jim... the community seemed to have let him go. He could ask Spock, maybe, but he figured he was a good enough judge of character to bend the rules just a little bit, and besides, a fellow engineer wouldn't pose any threat to the ship.

So as soon as he told Miss Kaylee he'd beam her over, Scotty hurried up to the transporter room, got a lock on the signal of the device she was using to access the community, and brought her over, unable to help a small, cocky grin as she materialized on the landing platform. "Welcome t'the Enterprise."
A few days into shore leave, and Scotty had been to a sheep-shearing festival on another world, had drunkenly visited Jack in Cardiff, and now... Well, now it was time to visit the planet they'd actually stopped off at. And hell, he thought, why not invite Jack along? So he'd called back to the ship to get them beamed aboard, and had gone back to his quarters with Jack in tow to get a few things together so they could head down to the planet.

There was just one minor problem. Uhura had thoughtfully included a swimsuit in the clothes she'd found for him to wear, and... Okay, so it didn't look bad, but... He stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror for a moment, then sighed and pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and headed back out into the main part of his quarters to finish packing up. He just hoped Jack didn't notice the rather pinkish tinge on his cheeks.

[ddd][personal log][fail!private][text]

Aileas was gone when I woke up this morning. We both knew it was going to happen, but I'd hoped to spend a bit more time with her. Still, it's probably for the best. A starship's no place for a daemon.

[There's a lot more he'd like to say here. Things like how even if he can't see Aileas or talk to her it doesn't mean she's not there. Things like how much he misses her, even if she's not really gone. Things like his thoughts on the conversation they had before she disappeared.

He's feeling pretty lonely.]


[ddd][locked to Starfleet]

Just as a head's up, the transporters are capable of transdimensional beaming.

[Have been for a bit, actually. He just sort of forgot to say anything about it.]


Scotty had told Jack he'd be done with the turbine rotor in an hour, and he was running late. Not that there was much he could do about it; he'd rather be a bit late than do a shoddy job and end up with a busted turbine. Even so, he couldn't deny that it was a relief when that final blade was properly locked into place. His legs were beginning to cramp from the way he'd had to fold himself around the rotor to even get at the thing in the first place, but overall the satisfaction of a job well done far outweighed the discomfort. Still, it was a relief to be able to stand upright again, when he climbed out of the containment shaft. He tossed the old blades down onto the floor below before making his way down himself, and once on the floor he paused to shrug out of the top half of his jumpsuit; he had on a black undershirt, but apart from that he'd opted to go without his customary uniform today. No need to go getting a good uniform all covered in grease.

After shouting for someone to come gather up the old blades and get rid of them, he made his way out of engineering, not bothering to stop by his office on the way out. Anything short of an emergency could wait until tomorrow. It wasn't until he'd made it about halfway to his quarters that he realized he'd forgotten to ditch his toolbelt, and even when he did notice, it was in an off-hand sort of way; he had other things on his mind. Things like Jack, for instance, and the fact that he hadn't really spoken to him since the virus. And, if he was going to be completely honest with himself, he was a bit nervous. Still, he wasn't about to back out now. A few more decks up and he was nearly at his quarters; a few corridors over and he was there, and there was Jack, waiting for him.

[ddd][text][locked to Jim]

We have a problem, Captain.



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